Crating and Packaging

All Cargo Solution provides complete solutions for any company in need of quality wood shipping crates. we have built commercial crates, industrial crates, shipping crates, furniture crates, electronic crates, storage crates , boat crating break bulk and equipment crates to meet a variety of industry applications.

If you have a crate specification detailing your specific requirements, we are happy to build it to your spec. If you do not have a drawing or spec, we can design the crate to your individual packaging needs. Our crate construction utilizes hardware in combination with a quality wood to insure secure, tight and durable protection.

  • Hinged door for easy loading and unloading
  • Crates designed to fit side-by-side in a standard 98” or 101” wide semi trailer
  • Reinforced aluminum corners for added protection
  • Interior lining and weather proof plastic covering
  • Handles and locking mechanisms
  • Foam-encased packaging

We have expertise in loading heavy haul shipments requiring specialized, heavy duty skids or flat rack systems necessary to transport oversized or heavy cargo. We manage customer’s oversized or uniquely shaped loads that are too big or too heavy for conventional shipping containers commonly referred to as dimensional shipments.

We provide cost-effective, turnkey solutions for the safe and secure loading utilizing fixed end or collapsible flat racks. Our company has access to fully CSC certified ISO intermodal flat racks specifically designed for military and commercial requirements.

We also provide harbor drayage and live load – while you wait.

Typical large or oversized cargo we load include:

  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Ready-fitted Factory Assembly Lines
  • Autos and Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • CNC Machines