For some of those who still do not know what process involves shipping, shipping is actually the transfer of goods from one location to another be it on land, air or by sea. Car shipping on the other hand is transporting vehicles or a car from point A to point B, be it [...]

Sometimes when you move out and go to live somewhere else, especially when it quite a distance from the place where you lived before or when it is another country you have to turn to an auto mover for car shipping service. Car shipping is a process of moving your car from [...]

Rapid development of different kind of technologies today makes it possible to transport any kind of vehicle to remote distances and in overseas countries. There are a number of reasons why people need international auto shipment. They can turn to an international vehicle mover because they are moving to another country and it is quite [...]

With rapid globalization of the modern world most of us may need an international car delivery service. And today it doesn’t seem to be a problem – there are a plenty of auto moving companies, which can offer you different kind of shipment service. Though, it is obvious that international car shipping is much more [...]

There are many peculiar things about car moving process that you need to know before you use that service. First of all you need to understand that pick-up and delivery terms are estimates, not guaranteed dates. There are many unforeseen problems that can arise on the road including traffic jams, unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical [...]

If you are going to have your car shipped you need insurance in case something goes wrong. Most companies engaged in the car moving business provide insurance of your vehicle, however, the coverage of insurance may range. So it’s a good idea to do some research before you decide upon the car mover.
Any [...]

Whether the point of destination is Dubai, Ghana, Nigeria or any other country in Africa, our international auto transport services are the perfect solution for you. We offer a wide range of services that you may require for shipping a car to Africa, we also able to ship motorcycles or boats. You can fully rely [...]

If you need a reliable and reputable company to handle the shipment of your car you’ve come to the right place! We have years of expertise in shipping cars to Africa and to anywhere else in the world. Our experienced loading professionals will ensure that your cars are shipped safely, and that will not cost [...]

You need help with car shipping to Nigeria or any other destination in Africa? We will eagerly make this task much easier for you. Here you can find a perfect solution to your shipping needs, as well as get guidance on car purchasing and storage while it’s still in U.S. We are experienced in international [...]

In the recent years with the world constantly getting more globalized and the borders disappearing there has been an inevitable increase in car shipping demand, especially for shipping cars to Nigeria and other African countries. Nowadays people need to ship every imaginable type of vehicle from expensive sport cars to boats to various countries. On-line [...]